The Third Wave Creative Suite

A suite of creative services designed to generate true impact for your company or organization.

Third Wave | MBI

Drawing upon vast international experience and an uncanny combination of artistic insight, wide-ranging skills and business savvy, Bobby Ricketts develops unique creative concepts which generate true impact measurable on the bottom-line. Learn more.

Third Wave | True Impact*

Benefit from insights gained over the course of a 30+ year career in the global music jungle. For executives, managers & team leaders, HR, performing arts organisations, universities, colleges, schools and educational institutions. Learn more.

Third Wave Soundtracks

Inimitable aural soundscapes connecting with heart and soul – when your message deserves to stand out, to be heard, felt, and remembered. Music composition, production, supervision & curation for TV, film, docu’s, branding, events & digital media. Learn more.


While obstacles are and always will remain exactly what they are – a tangible, definable entity… Possibilities are infinite, limitless. Anything can happen – you can play it safe, or you can go for it. You can choose to believe you can’t, or you can choose to believe you can. Failure makes you wiser, success brings awareness. I say go for it.

“As Artists, we are adept at reflecting the face of society, sensing its wave of transformation, and adapting to the emergence of change. Via the usage of skill, intuition, insight, inspiration, motivation, focus and resilience, we can also change and transform society, so it reflects the art to which it is exposed. The most successful transaction between Artist and Audience is the awakening of an emotional response in both – creating a lasting connection, ultimately resulting in some degree of transformation.”